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A History of Hypo-Calvinism

In the preface to the 1853 edition of The Works of Arminius, Methodist Episcopal minister W. R. Bagnall, who stated that he had “admiration of the character and theological system […]


Are Arminians our Brothers & Sisters in Christ? by Jerry Johnson

This is somewhat of a controversial subject. I have heard Arminians say Calvinist are not Christian because they are not following the true God; a God who gives everybody an […]


Against the World – Occupy Wall Street Strikes Back

Join host Jerry Johnson for this week’s edition of “Against the World”, as Jerry discusses what Americans who actually work for a living and pay most, if not all of […]


As Long As You’re Sincere…Does It Matter What You Believe?

Acts 16: 30 He then brought them out and asked, “Sirs, what must I do to be saved?” 31 They replied, “Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be […]


Against the World – Did Adam & Eve Have Biological Parents?

Join host Jerry Johnson for this week’s edition of Against the World, as Jerry discusses a letter he recently received, without a name or return address. SEE VIDEO HERE


2 Peter 2:1 and Universal Redemption By Simon Escobedo III

What about 2 Peter 2:1? This is one of many questions that surface during conversations between Reformed and non-Reformed1 believers when discussing the emotionally charged issue of “Particular Redemption” (or […]


God And Evil: Problem Solved (Excerpts) by Gordon Clark

Excerpts from God And Evil: Problem Solved by Gordon Clark Evil Pages 7-8 The problem may be stated as follows: If God is all-good, and if God is all-powerful, why […]


Verses showing God’s Sovereignty, salvific work, and man’s nature

God’s Sovereignty God’s ability to do and accomplish His will — God does whatever He pleases. Gen. 18:14, “Is anything too difficult for the Lord? At the appointed time I […]


God’s Way of Peace by Horatius Bonar

God knows us. He knows what we are; he knows also what he meant us to be; and upon the difference between these two states he founds his testimony concerning […]


The Canons of Dordt

The Decision of the Synod of Dordt on the Five Main Points of Doctrine in Dispute in the Netherlands is popularly known as the Canons of Dordt. It consists of […]