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Loraine Boettner on Limited Atonement

The question which we are to discuss under the subject of “Limited Atonement” is, Did Christ offer up Himself a sacrifice for the whole human race, for every individual without […]

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The Fundamental Principle of Calvinism

The significance of John Calvin for the modern era is vividly described in these words: “The sixteenth was a great century. It was the century of Raphael and Michelangelo, of […]


FREE eBook – Covenant Enforced

Those Who Sow The Wind Will Reap The Whirlwind? That’s what God told the prophet Hosea to tell Israel in the eighth century B.C. (Hosea 8:7), and that’s what John […]


Against the World – Butt Prints in the Sand

Join host Jerry Johnson for this week’s edition of “Against the World” as he discusses the many folks today that have a presumptive faith. To them, the gospel is just […]


Dealing with Universalism and Limited Atonement By Samuel Rutherford

For the fourth Particular, and the clearing of Places alleged; we are, (1.) To consider if the Place, John 3.16, prove anything against us. (2.) If all Men, and all […]


Let the Nations Be Glad! – John Piper Streaming Video

Recently in Minneapolis, Pastor John taught through the book Let the Nations Be Glad! in a free two-day seminar, now available for streaming and download. He begins the book, “Missions […]


Counterfeit Miracles

Despite the growing interest in religion, most churchgoers in America – perhaps most churchgoers worldwide – seem never to have read the Bible. That in itself is a damning indictment […]


John Calvin Gets Fired

It is always interesting to see how people respond to difficult circumstances. Here we have the opportunity to see how Calvin responds when not only told he’d been fired form […]


Against the World – The Gospel is Salvation

Join host Jerry Johnson for this week’s edition of “Against the World”, as Jerry discusses how the gospel is salvation. SEE VIDEO HERE

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A Simple Explanation of Monergism by John Hendryx

Monergism simply means that it is God who gives ears to hear and eyes to see. It is God alone who gives illumination and understanding of His word that we […]