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R.C. Sproul on Saving Faith

One of the reasons the Gospel has disappeared from conservative Baptist and Presbyterian churches is the failure, even refusal, of their teachers to take their ideas from Scripture. One cannot […]

The Decline of the Southern Baptist Convention by Thomas A. Barnes

The Big Tent is Falling, Just Like it has Before: the Latitudinarian Poverty and Decline of the Southern Baptist Convention – “The big tent in the Southern Baptist Convention is […]


Are Arminians our Brothers & Sisters in Christ? by Jerry Johnson

This is somewhat of a controversial subject. I have heard Arminians say Calvinist are not Christian because they are not following the true God; a God who gives everybody an […]

Ken Wimer

What is it to be a Christian? By Ken Wimer

After reading this article CLICK HERE is there any question as to why those caught up in ‘christendom’ today are lost? ‘christendom’ itself cannot even define what it is to be […]


Why I am a Calvinist by Jerry Johnson

Back in the 1980’s a well known Christian Professor was invited to speak during the chapel service at a Christian university. The whole time he was sharing his thoughts on […]

Beware of Flase Prophets

Was Charles Finney Armininian or Pelagian? By Jerry Johnson

Many Evangelical’s mistakenly believe that Charles Finney was an Arminian and therefore, our debate with him is the age old Calvinism versus Arminian debate! Dr. Michael Brown, host of In […]


What about the Imprecatory Psalms?

The Book of Psalms has been aptly described by Garry Brantley as an infallible and inerrant “collection of songs and prayers covering a variety of themes.”(1) Some of the Psalms […]


Restless, Reformed, and Single- Online dating services argue that God can use virtual reality too!

Sovereign Grace Singles featured in August 2009 Christianity Today Restless, Reformed, and Single Online dating services argue that God can use virtual reality too. Sarah Pulliam | posted 7/31/2009 09:45AM […]


God And Evil: Problem Solved (Excerpts) by Gordon Clark

Excerpts from God And Evil: Problem Solved by Gordon Clark Evil Pages 7-8 The problem may be stated as follows: If God is all-good, and if God is all-powerful, why […]


God’s Glorious Attributes Revealed in Christ

God, by the work of the creation, by the creation itself, did reveal himself in many of his properties unto his creatures capable of his knowledge—his power, his goodness, his […]