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Against the World – Arminianism & the Doctrine of Infallibility

Join host Jerry Johnson for this week’s edition of “Against the World”, as Jerry discusses how the Arminian doctrine of free will has real implications on the doctrine of Scripture. […]


Faith of Our Fathers (DVD): Why Creeds & Confessions?

In this professionally-produced, four-part docu-lecture series, Dr. Kenneth L. Gentry, Jr., considers the much-debated question of ecclesiastical creeds and confessions. Some churches cite creeds in worship; some don’t. Some congregations […]


The Five Points of Calvinism by Fred G. Zaspel

Introduction Area of Study Charles Haddon Spurgeon, the famous Baptist preacher of nineteenth century London, said “I have my own opinion that there is no such thing as preaching Christ […]

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Whosoever Will Let Him Take Of The Water Of Life Freely

You go to church not to hear a “nice sermon,” not to be entertained by splendid oratory, not to discover the opinion of a certain learned man on a subject, […]


Does 1 Timothy 2:4 Teach That God Wants Everyone Saved?

Ripped out of it’s context, it appears that this passage is teaching us that God wants everyone to be saved. In response to Calvinists appealing to the context of this […]


Are you a prideful Calvinist?

Someone was finally bold enough to address one of the greatest causes for people to reject the Doctrines of Grace: proud, combative, and caustic Calvinists. John Scheffer boldly goes where […]


My Response to an Arminian by Jerry Johnson

I received the following post to one of my AgainstTheWorld.tv videos on Calvinism. “Jerry, we Arminians believe that sinners are dead in their sins. A major difference between us and […]


FREE eBook: Calvinism, Hyper-Calvinism & Arminianism by Ken Talbot and Gary Crampton

There is probably no issue that has created more division in the Church. Just how does salvation work? What did God accomplish through the cross and  what is it that […]


Is There Pelagianism In The SBC?

Some very big names in the Southern Baptist Convention have signed a statement that contains the following: We deny that Adam’s sin resulted in the incapacitation of any person’s free […]


Righteousness is from Christ Alone

In The True Method of Giving Peace to Christendom and Reforming the Church John Calvin helps bring clarity to one of the issues he and many of the other reformers […]