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Against the World – The One and the Many

Join host Jerry Johnson for this week’s edition of “Against the World”, as he discusses the fact that the Bible teaches that God is One in His being and three […]


Against the World – Figures Never Lie

Join host Jerry Johnson for this week’s edition of Against the World, as Jerry discusses what could be more devious, dishonest and down right wicked than the way nations today, […]


Against the World – Why Jehovah’s Witnesses are a Cult!

To order the FREE DVD, “The Marks of a Cult”, please visit: https://store.nicenecouncil.com/marks-of-a-cult-free/. Join host Jerry Johnson for this week’s edition of Against the World, as Jerry discusses the fact […]


“Calvinism and Evangelical Arminianism” by John L. Girardeau

It is impossible to prove, that a scheme which provides for the possible salvation of all men more conspicuously displays the divine goodness than one which secures the certain salvation […]


What occurred at the Council of Nicea?

The Council of Nicea took place in 325 A.D. by the order of the Roman Emperor Caesar Flavius Constantine. Nicea was located in Asia Minor, east of Constantinople. At the […]


Was Geneva a Theocracy?

From the first-hand accounts, Oxford’s Gillian Lewis notes, “The city of Geneva possessed a significance which was symbolic and mythical. Her friends saw her as the mirror and model of […]


Against the World – Does Man Have Free-Will?

Join host Jerry Johnson this week as he discusses man’s will. Is man’s will free or under bondage? Related Blogs


Arminian Errors

God could have justly left all mankind to perish in their sin and misery, as He left the angels which kept not their first estate, but according to the good […]


Against the World – I Was Robbed by Dispensationalism

Join host Jerry Johnson as he discusses what would cause a man, a preacher of the gospel to say the following, “I thank you sir….They had taken from me the […]

Abstract of Systematic Theology

Abstract of Systematic Theology by J.P. Boyce

The major philosophical, scientific, sociological, and historical reasons for believing in God are presented clearly and concisely. Why do so many people assume that there is a God who exists […]